Michigan Overboard

The Warrior Box

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Why choose between our Overboard Warrior Headbands when you can have all three? 

With a Warrior Box you get:

- All THREE Overboard Warrior Headbands

- A White "SNOW" Michigan Overboard Decal

- A Black "NIGHT" Michigan Overboard Decal

All packaged into a customized, hand-stamped Michigan Overboard box!

Our high quality, USA made headbands are manufactured for the overboard lifestyle. They are moisture-wicking and crafted for a comfortable fit. With so many ways to wear this headband, you will surely be able to find a style that fits your vibe. 

Plus, you'll love our slick, indoor/outdoor vinyl decals! They are perfect for bringing some overboard attitude to cars, laptops, longboards, kayaks and just about anything else!

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