The Overboard Difference

Make a Splash

Cash Donation

Unlike other companies that make promises of good deeds following a purchase or donate a minimal amount of money for each product sold, Michigan Overboard donates an unparalleled 21% of annual profits towards water conservation efforts right here in Michigan!

Freshwater Resources 

In Michigan, lakes, rivers and streams are more than just bodies of water. They are the foundation of our state's livelihood and the source of our identity. While being the ultimate provider of life, our water also acts as a teacher, therapist & adventure buddy to all those that live and visit here!

Global Impact

The largest collection of  surface fresh water on the planet is in our backyard. The Great Lakes Basin plays a key role in global climate and provides drinking water to over 40 million people. We have an obligation to lead the charge in protecting this natural wonder for current and  future generations. 

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Small business.  Big impact. 

Keeping Michigan Pure

Michigan Overboard was built on the foundation of giving back. Our homegrown business model focuses on what matters; creating an eco-friendly company, building a brand that proudly represents our state and setting the standard for charitable donations among local businesses. From top to bottom, we want to do everything the right way. We retail only USA made goods and only use reused or recyclable packaging and shipping supplies. We keep our footprint small and our donation large. That's the overboard difference.  

Donation Portfolio 

Meet the Michigan non-profit organizations that receive part of our 21% profit donation  

Huron Pines
Tip of the Mitt
Grand Traverse Bay

keep the conservation flowing

The organizations in our donation portfolio may be small, but they have a profound impact on Michigan's water. Here are a few of the ways they make a direct impact: 

  • Provide Resources for Education
  • Develop and Execute Projects and Programs
  • Coordinate Volunteer Opportunities 
  • Spread Water Conservation Awareness
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